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Video calling & conferencing

Bringing you face to face anywhere in the world

Vital offers the very best video calling and conferencing systems built directly into your CRM or online bookings. Video calling is the future of business communications, keeping most of the benefits of face-to-face with greater convenience.

Let us show you just how simple and powerful video can be with these advanced and integrated features.


Streaming video and sound from any location

Powerful tools for customers, clients and staff

1-on-1 Video Calling

With our user-friendly system, you can make video calls with the press of a button, directly from within the lead. 


Team Calling for Online Meetings

To have a video meeting with your fellow staff members it’s as simple as click team meetings, select the staff members and press send.


Conference Calls & Webinars

Schedule and host conference calls or webinars with ease. Joining and inviting video attendees is incredibly simple.


Auto Allocate Available Staff

We can easily allocate an available staff member to any scheduled video call.  

We make video calling so easy and intuitive it is bound to become an essential part of your business!


Turning video calls into a creative interactive experience

Take advantage of these great features

Screen Sharing

In Call Chat

Users in Call

Mute Microphone

Raise Hand

Tile View Mode

Automatically add video links into your online bookings

Utilise our state of the art built-in video feature or directly integrate with zoom
Let me show you how to future proof your business

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