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SMS get read faster and is the most convienient commincation tool

Send automated SMSs at a fixed price from your own phone

Automated SMSs are now considered a must-have feature of business. The downfall of most automated SMS options is the cost when you pay a high amount per SMS.


Vital SMS provides a custom app that sends the SMS directly from your preferred mobile

With mobile plans now including unlimited SMS even on cheap or basic plans, why would you choose to pay 8 cents plus per SMS

Fixed Pricing

Why pay per SMS if you can send SMS from your own phone

Automate Sending

Any event in your CRM can activate you sending an SMS

Confirmation SMS

Automatically send a confirmation SMS based off an event or booking

Reminder SMS

Send time-based SMS before or after a booking or event

Track Your SMSs

Easily view SMSs sent and any reminder scheduled to send

Direct Response

Get responses straight to your phone so they don't get missed

Modify your SMS to say what ever you like

Easily merge important fields into your SMS message, our simple online dashboard allows you to easily edit the format

Import Merge fields

Easily add merge fields such as names, places & dates to personalise your automated message

Easily edit the message

Each message can be easily opened and edited on our super friendly web portal

Send from different phones

Different messages can be sent from different phones

Why Vital SMS is the better choice for most businesses

Do the math

If you had 10 staff creating the need for 100 SMS each to be sent per month, your sending

1000 SMS

At an average minimum cost of 8 cents plus per SMS, you are spending 

$800 a month

With Vital SMS you can cut that down to a fraction with a capped price

Integrate with nearly any other automated sms app on the market

If for some reason you wanted to use a different SMS service we can integrate with all of the most popular apps

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Making the best features affordable and easy

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