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Protect & Enhance Your Online Reputation


On average over 80% of people read online reviews before doing business with you.

Protect and enhance your reputation for greater social proof.

Boost Social Proof


Read reviews regularily


Trust reviews as much as friends


Buy based on reviews


Post online reviews each month


Evaluate businesses on google


Reconsider if bad reviews

Potential customers lost from 1 bad review


Bad reviews impacts buying decsion


Go else where if bad reviews

Did you know that people are 50% more likely to use your service because of good reviews than over a discount

Vital Review Management

Collect ~ Protect ~ Promote

A single software solution that can automatically reduce bad reviews, and collect more good reviews, then promote them.

Step 1

Connect & Integrate

The review software can be connected either directly or indirectly to your current systems. Feedback requests are sent automatically at the right time.

Step 2

Feed Back Requests Sent

Feedback requests are automatically sent via an email or SMS, the client is prompted to rate your service or product. You decide on the metric you consider good feedback. (e.g. over 4 stars)

Step 3

If Poor Feedback Rating

The client is prompted to send feedback to management, via a form, that opens after the bad rating. Thus giving them a chance to vent privately, and also giving the company a chance to resolve the issue before you receive a bad review.

Step 3

If Great Feedback Recieved

The client is thanked for the positive feedback and then prompted to leave a review. Buttons appear with direct links to your review listings. Because most people are on their devices, they are already signed into their google accounts.

Step 4

Reviews Promoted

Reviews can now be auto-posted onto your Facebook profile to leverage positive feedback. Reviews can also be displayed on your websites in multiple formats for great exposure. The website plugin displays your reviews in schema. So search engines can read the reviews to be included in search results, great for your SEO.

Your online reviews can affect your SEO, as search engines want to recommend companies that are highly recommended.

Thus now why management is not just important, its vital.


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