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Integrate and automate with thousands of the most popular apps and software

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Integration is now well within the reach of all business sizes due to the popular connecting programs such as Zapier & Piesync. The market-leading CRM available through Vital also has many popular directly built-in integrations for programs such as Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin, Zoom, Gmail & Outlook for both mail and calendars.


Integration means far more than being simply connected, it means completely automating repetitive tasks based on the relevant criteria.

1000's of integrations to cover all your business needs


Automatically create records, entries or perform tasks with the most popular accounting and bookkeeping software.

Proposal & Invoicing

Automatically generate quotes or proposals then send them to your prospects with minimal effort. This could also be done directly through your accounting software to further reduce double handling.

Payement Processing Apps

Prompt clients to make a payment based on their individually defined sums or preferences through the most popular platforms.


Email Services

Automatically send customised and tracked emails to clients, send add-on or follow up emails based on the client’s behaviour or status. We integrate into all the most popular email services, however, in most cases, our built-in system exceeds most clients expectations.

Phone & SMS Services

We can seamlessly integrate with all of your most popular SMS services for confirmations, reminders or ongoing SMS marketing.  Vital also provides its own revolutionary SMS app that can send SMS’s for a mere fraction of the cost.

Video & Conferencing Services

The virtual meeting removes the need for travel and replaces it with convenience, we integrate directly with the most popular systems. We also have our own directly built-in video system or a Zoom as the secondary option.

Content & Files

Automatically store or organize important files or documents into your most popular online storage or management systems.

Human Resources

Easily create or send contracts, make requests or prompt prospects to act. For busy HR professionals who struggle with the endless administration, automating the simpler tasks can be a god send.



Take your online lead generation to the next level by automating more advanced or specific actions. Automate other actions to happen with targets are triggered from within your marketing funnels.

Email Newsletters

Automatically add people into your email newsletter campaigns, change their status or campaign to match their behaviours or status.

Event Management

When dealing with large groups of people automating is king, we integrate with all the most popular event management systems.

Marketing Automation

We can integrate nearly anything into your existing marketing campaign software or give you access to  the best value system with features and pricing that can rarely be matched.

Social Media

Automate posts or adverts, our advanced systems allow you to schedule out your posts months in advance. Plan and automate your social strategies for more efficiency and benefit.



Automatically add events or modify your availability, auto-assign the correct individual or department over a multitude of calendars without breaking a sweat.

Book team events or edit all calendars at once.

Product Management

Keep track of your product and inventory over multiple platforms. Update records, make new orders or update orders automatically.

Project Management

For more complex projects managed by teams, automation and integration is a must.  Create solutions that keep all parties up to date without the constant need for back and forth. 


Automatically add entries or data to your spreadsheets for custom records or reporting.

Task Management

Add tasks to your most popular apps for effective management, a task can be added based on nearly any trigger or event. automate who is assigned the task, the information provided and when.

Forms & Surverys

Trigger information requests or surveys based or trigger other events based on the result of a form full or survey.

Scheduling & Booking

Take all of the work out of booking and scheduling, easily manage your staff’s availability. Allow clients to easily select a time and date, let the systems automate who is the best person for the job and then who is available.


In the world of digital, e-signatures are now the norm, easily integrate and automate your e-signing tasks through the most popular apps.


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