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Our brief questionnaire will help us identify what solutions your business needs to take of

Free Consultation

Our brief questionnaire will help us identify what solutions your business needs to take of

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Innovation ~ Automation ~ Acceleration

Intergration & Automation

Increase efficiency and reduce mistakes by syncing and automating your most popular software solutions.

We can integrate into thousands of systems.

Businesses that have not integrated their most common, repeatable processes together, simply cannot compete with those that have.

Most integrations are simply the process of copying and pasting information from one system to the other, then prompting an action. If the task is repetitive, then chances are we can automate the process.

Then we create a different transfer process for each different variation, as long as we have at least one field or option to identify the scenario.

Vital Integration Services

Integrate ~ Automate ~ Accelerate

Depending on the complexity, software involved and volume of data transferred, we have two main options.

Bridge Via Intergration Software

Providing the number of transfers is not too high, then integration software such as Zapier, Integromat, and Workato could be the solution. These platforms allow you to connect thousands of popular software options, and then customise the process.

The only downfall is not all required software is available, and sometimes the processes might not have the customisation to get the job done. When transfers get above 100,000 plus, then the API can be more cost-efficient.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Most programs allow you to create a direct interface with other software, this means direct communication from one system to the other. This involves our programmer creating a code that talks directly to the receiving software, to execute your command.

Because this is direct, you normally only pay for the setup costs, with no ongoing costs for transfers, making it faster, more direct, and far more cost-efficient in the long run.

The only con is that making upgrades involves a programmer, so could cost more in this instance.

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Initial Consultation
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Quote Acceptance
Step 4

We provide a no-obligation initial consultation in order to understand your requirements.

We present the best solutions available, explaining the pros and cons of each. From here we can do further research for a accurate quote.

The work and price are agreed upon via acceptance of an official quote.

Access to your systems is provided, the integration is built, tested then fully implemented.

Note: This is the common process, in some circumstances, the process may vary significantly.


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