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Truly dynamic email capabilities

Our market-leading CRM’s dynamic features are so vast that taking advantage of all the features would be an achievement. Dynamic in its ability to adapt and change to the client based on their behaviour, demographics and custom criteria.

Auto change your email content to match your recipient

Practically all aspects of your email can be automatically altered based on any defined preferences. Alter titles, content, pictures, prices, signatures and buttons in accordance with unique client criteria

Trigger automated and customised emails from interactions from any of the following


Online Bookings

CRM Changes

Forms or Landing Pages

Google Ads Adverts

Facebook Adverts

Chat Bots

Integrated Software

Automatically add clients to lists

Create email campaigns or newsletters from your lists, change list or strategy based on interactions with your emails or other media

Email News Letter

Email Campaigns

Ecommerce Campaigns

Secure your free dynamic email strategy session

Professional advice and direction for dynamic emails & campaigns

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