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a fully customisable maketing and sales customer management system

Manage your leads & prospects from start to finish utilising all the most advanced features

Take your business productivity to the next level with this market-leading CRM that comes with nearly all the bells and whistles included. Unlimited users at a fixed cost can take full advantage of your custom-built CRM with its fully integrated features.

All the most vital features

Easily organise massive amounts of records by automatically adding people to dynamic lists for maximium usability

Automatically add people to the right lists, change or remove people from lists from any action or field in or connected to the CRM

With lists, you can categorise and organise massive amounts of people into relevant lists for easy reference and usability. Our dynamic lists mean people can be added, removed or amended to any list based on nearly any trigger. Lists can be used for creating sales or marketing campaigns, lists allow you to work your data to its optimal capacity.


Track the history of lead at every important stage of the process

Visited Website

Filled in Form

Outgoing Call

Email Sent

Email Open

Incoming Call

Appointment Booked


Quote Accepted

Paper Work Received

Owner Changed to Admin

Deal Finalised

Automatically rate the value of your leads

Know at a glance which leads are most valuable so you never neglect a golden opportunity

Timmy Timewaster

Lead Value

Annie Interested

Lead Value

Kevin Keen

Lead Value

We create fully customised pipelines to easily manage and track your clientelle

We can create separate pipelines to manage different stages or areas of your business. You may have a marketing, sales and administration pipeline

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