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Our brief questionnaire will help us identify what solutions your business needs to take of

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Our brief questionnaire will help us identify what solutions your business needs to take of

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Our Logo

The flaming bird is a representation of the Pheonix from Chinese mythology. It represents transformation, fire spreads very quickly, it breaks things down. In essence, fire represents the energy and power for change. The bird transforms and ascends to great heights, its flames bright and illuminating for all the world to see.

We often depict the phoenix on a jet, as this represents the pinnacle of technology. Technology designed to reduce as much resistance as possible while focusing your energy on moving forward and upward. This technology is the vehicle we use to propel your business to new heights.

At Vital we believe that the philosophy behind our approach is as important as the work itself. Our passion is to transform people’s lives by transforming businesses.

About Me

Stephen Mercer

I am the founder of Vital Web Consultants, as a creative problem solver, being a consultant was always the perfect fit. My unique skillset is the ability to look at your business as a whole and its parts. I can then formulate an overall plan on how to realign all parts for optimal success.

My background includes over 25 years of experience in sales, digital marketing, web design, system design and development.

I’m a people person with the ability to comprehend complex processes, this allows me unique insights into both people and the processes in businesses.

My goal at all stages of a business is to create an environment that thrives. This means supporting people with the tools and strategies that get results, from a place of positivity and empowerment. Understanding people is the key, we need to understand people to attract leads, convert sales and build systems and processes that people want to use.

The goal of business is to remove all resistance to success, by aligning good ethics, value and systems with adesire to improve for individuals at all levels.

Our Formula

In a world that encourages judgement and punishment, the desire to be honest and take responsibility is inhibited. Imagine a business where staff are applauded for taking responsibility for any shortfallings, how many problems would never have the chance to grow? If learning was seen through the lens of how can I use this to become wiser and stronger, then why would you not want to learn?

In a critical world, many managers and leaders still promote only the success part of the formula, when success is often built on thousands of small defeats.

Imagine a business where management promotes both success and people strong enough to take responsibility.

Taking responsibility and using it to grow is empowering when supported and encouraged in the right way.


Effective communication encourages the individual to take personal ownership and to use it to become greater. Progressive people love to discover limitations, this realisation alone can remove massive boundaries to their potential. New insights and perspectives lead to inspiration and a burning desire to keep growing.

We promote supporting staff to take responsibility rather than criticizing them (criticism only encourages them to defend their actions). We encourage personal insight and empowerment by asking them what the issue is and how they could do better, if they don’t see all aspects of the issue then ask further questions so they can have their own self-realisations.

Applaud them for taking responsibility as an act of courage and integrity. We ask them what they have learned from it, and how it can help them be more successful in the future to foster a growth mindset.

Seeing the opportunity and feeling supported to learn will foster enthusiasm, loyalty and integrity.


Based on the understanding that effective communication leads to personal ownership and empowerment. We can apply these principles to your sales and marketing.

Ultimately your goal is to provide prospects with the tools and support to get what they want (empowerment). So your sales and marketing should be about getting them to decide exactly what it is they want, then making sure your business has that matching solution.

When your sales and marketing help’s prospects identify and clarify what it is they need, then the sales and marketing process becomes clear.

Help them clarify what they want.

Provide the solution

Now you know the formula for what they want, systemically ask them to confirm if your solution has meet their needs.

Your client has sold themselves, you simply listened and assisted them.


We build highly optimised systems to support your business to scale on autopilot.

Every aspect of our systems is designed in consideration of simplifying the client journey to maximum results.

Our automated marketing interactions use natural high-conversion communication to engage and influence clients no matter their status.

We streamline business processes with automation and seamless integration for maximum results.


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